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Most frequent questions and answers

The most popular question asked is – How much is a photo booth rental in pittsburgh? Thats totally normal and actually impossible to pinpoint. Think of car shopping and what your looking for… If you want a cheap car to get you to work your not going to buy a lamborgini! If you want to show off at a luxery event your not going to want to show up in that $2000 beater ya got to get you back and forth. So honestly I can only suggest doing your research  and creating value of a company and the experience they offer. Our Rentals start out at only $300 but can go up from there depending on your wants and needs. 

We offer multiple photo booth styles that offer an endless amount of experiences. Our Photobooths are modern, efficient, and feature packed. We rely on our exceptional customer service experience  to set us a part. We listen to your wants and needs and curate a photo booth experience that is tailored to YOU. We value your experience and are committed to making your event perfect. 

Just press start! Photo booths are fun and meant to be stress free. No reason to over think this. We set them up, some have photo booth operators there to assist, Some are so simple they are dropped off. We have literally spent a ton of time testing various systems so you can go in with ease and master that perfect pose. 

Again! We have come up with the perfect booth for the situation. We have photo booths that have an 8ft backdrop with the booth being roughly 5 feet from the backdrop for this We give a comfort zone of 10×10 to set up. We also have photo booths that are selfie style and can take up as little as 2ft by 2ft! Its best to shoot us a message with your exact situation here.

Greate question. Depends on which photo booth style you choose. We have a photo booth that can be set up in less than 2 minutes, we have ones that we dedicate an hour to set up. Lets chat about your booth style and concerns and we will give you the best answer to this!

Shoot us a message silly! We would love the opportunity to answer any and every question you may have! We got tips and ideas to assist as well!