5 reasons why should you book a photo booth for a corporate event?

5 reasons why should you book a photo booth for a corporate event?

We are blessed to have worked a ton of Corporate photo booth rentals in Pittsburgh. Heres just a few short reasons on why they are a hit!

1. They are fun!

Your event is already going to be a hit. Having a photo booth escalates the fun to a whole new level! For some reason (there is probably a scientific explanation, but I don’t know what it is) people let loose when they get in front of the camera. In other words, do not rent a photo booth if you want everyone standing around with their arms folded and blank expressions on their faces during your party.

2. Remember the event

Throughout your event every group of guests is able to jump in front of the camera and capture the moment. When the night is done you will have prints and a flash drive with ALL of your photos to forever remember how much of a success your event was and how much fun all your guests had! Plus whats better than free branding, we can customize the pictures to hold your logos!

3. Make everyone jealous who wasn’t there

You should have a visually stunning record of your party so the next day on facebook everyone who did not RSVP (or may not have been blessed to get an invite) will see how much fun you and your friends had and they missed out on!

4. Great gift for your guests

Many couples do not have as many professional portraits of themselves as they would like (I know this firsthand because my significant other is always bugging me for more pictures of us together). By having a photo booth at your event you are allowing all of your guests to have their own mini-portrait session. If you are feeling generous you could even have larger prints made and put them in custom frames for your guests to take as party favors (or the ever elusive perfect gift for wedding guests!)

5. They become a destination

If you have never been to an event with a photo booth you would be surprised how quickly a bag or props and a themed background becomes a destination and event within itself! Not only does the photo booth capture moments it helps to create them as well!

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